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How to Play Poker for Beginners

How to Play Poker for Dummies

Poker is one of the most popular and entertaining casino games in the world. Most poker players will tell you that the game is fairly straightforward to play, but beginners are often intimidated by all the poker rules and terms. It does not help that there are so many different versions of poker, with each version having its set of rules.

How to Play Poker for Beginners
If you want to learn how to play poker at a competitive level, it is a good idea to get a set of poker chips. Getting the chips will help you understand how bets are placed, because the chips are used to calculate the value of each player’s monetary pot as the game progresses.
Arbitrary values are assigned to the chips before each game begins, but these values are not representative of the money being bet on the game. For example, when you watch a competitive poker tournament, such as the World Series of Poker, each player may have millions of chips in front of their person. But one chip is almost always worth less than one dollar.

What are the Different Poker Hands?

There are ten different hands in poker games. While one or two poker games have slightly different rules for the hands, most of the games will involve the same side rules. It may seem a little daunting to learn all the different hand combinations, along with their rankings, but when you get an understanding of why one hand is better than another, you will have no problem remembering the order.

Some players make the mistake of attempting to memorize the entire order as if they are studying for a test. Players must know the order of the hand rankings, but you should be aware the order through understanding, not through memorization. Here is a list of the hand rankings, along with a brief description of each side.
Royal Flush – The best hand ranking possible in most poker games, the royal flush occurs when a player gets the A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit.
Straight Flush – The straight flush is the second best hand ranking in most poker games, and it is the combination of five cards in perfect sequence, but also of the same suit. For example, having the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of diamonds gives you a straight flush.
Four of a Kind – Having four cards of the same ranking, such as four Aces, gives you a four of a kind.
Full House – A full house is the combination of three matching cards, along with two matching cards. For example, a player with K, K, K, 5, 5 has a full house. You can also remember this ranking by thinking of it as a combination of the “three of a kind” and “one pair.”
Flush – Having a flush means having cards of the same suit. For example, a player who has five diamond cards among his or her five card hand has a flush.
Straight – A straight means that the player’s best five card combination is in numerical order. For example, a player with the cards 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 has a straight.
Three of a Kind – When you have three cards of the same rank, such as three Kings, you have the three of a kind hand ranking.
Two Pair – A “two pair” means that you have two distinct pairs among your poker hand – such as A, A and 6,6.
One Pair – Having a single pair means you have two cards of the same number or letter. For example, a player with two Sevens has a pair.
High Card – The lowest hand is ranking in poker, having a high card simply means you have a card that is ranked above the cards of the other players. For example, the Ace is the highest card, followed by the King, Queen, Jack and 10. Two is the lowest valued card.

What are the Different Types of Poker Games?

The most popular types of Poker are Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Poker, 7-Card Stud Poker and 5-Card Draw Poker. Each of these games has a loyal following, but Texas Hold ‘Em is considered the most popular type of poker in the world. If someone asks you whether or not you play poker, they are almost always referring to Texas Hold ‘Em. Most competitive poker games around the world involve Texas Hold ‘Em, such as the World Series of Poker.

Texas Hold ‘Em includes five community cards and two cards for each player who is at the table. The five community cards are revealed in three stages, with three cards shown in the first phase followed by one card each in the final two stages. Players must come up with the best five-card combination from the five cards on the table and the two cards in their hand. Players are allowed to place bets before and after each stage of the community cards’ reveal.
Omaha Poker is very similar to Texas Hold ‘Em because it also involves five community cards. But in Omaha Poker, the players are dealt four cards face down, and the five community cards are shown to all the players immediately. Players must make a five-card combination from two of their four cards and three of the community cards.

7-Card Stud Poker involves each player being dealt seven cards, and they must make a five-card combination out of those seven cards. Three of the cards are dealt face down, while the other four are face up for everyone else to see.

5-Card Draw Poker sees each player getting five cards during the initial deal, but the players are allowed to trade up to three of their cards before the bets are placed. 5-Card Draw is a very quick and fun version of poker, which makes it perfect for beginners who are still getting used to the game.

How to Play Poker Online

Whether you are looking to play Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7-Card Stud or 5-Card Poker, you can enjoy all of these games at online casinos and bet sites. Depending on where you live and the types of casinos that provide access to your country, you should have the option of playing both free and pay-to-play poker games.

Why would players participate in the free poker games online? These games are an excellent way to hone your skills, especially if you are new to the poker world. Even though all the poker card games are relatively straightforward to pick up, they appear incredibly complicated to beginners. The last thing you want is to end up losing a lot of your money while playing Texas Holdem or 5-Card Poker for money online.
By playing some of the free games at reputable websites, you can still get a feel for the different games and the strategies of other players. And when you feel as though you are ready to participate in games involving money, you can sign up at an online casino and make your first deposit. Most casinos will even offer you a welcome bonus, which means you get some free money that you can use to play poker or other casino games.

Differences Between Online Poker and Live-Action Poker

When you are playing poker with a group of friends, or at a real casino, you will have a very different experience to the online version of the game. Even though the rules of Texas Holdem or 7-Card Stud do not change when you are playing online, the way you play is drastically different. When you are playing online, you will play against players you have never met or talked with before. Also, you cannot see the faces of these players, which means it is almost impossible to tell whether someone is bluffing or not.

The strategies used to psyche out other players, trick them into folding or calling their bluffs will not work when you are participating in an online poker game. You will have to put a lot more focus on the fundamentals of the game, such as placing bets when you have competitive hands and finding the right moment to take risks.

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